Nedlands Primary School

Leadership and Administration Team
Mr Russell Bembridge currently on leave until term 3
Acting Principal
Ms Julie Simpfendorfer
Deputy Principals
Mrs Sandra Cottam  - Monday to Friday
Mrs Suzie Hull - Tuesday and Wednesday
Mrs Nicola Holt - Thursday and  Friday
Manager, Corporate Services
Ms Fay Moreton
School Officers
Mrs Yvonne Ioannou - Monday to Thursday
Mrs Ruth Dennis - Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Ms Jacky Kocken - Thursday and Friday
Library Officer
Mrs Catherine Mendez - NOT in Wednesday

Teaching Staff
Kindergarten Red Group
Nedlands Park Early Learning Centre
Mrs Megan McClorey
Mrs Bronwyn Wilton-Mar  - Friday
Kindergarten  Blue Group
Nedlands Park Early Learning Centre
Mrs Cassie Pracilio
Mrs Bronwyn Wilton-Mar  - Friday
Kindergarten/Pre-Primary Red and Blue
Nedlands Park Early Learning Centre
Mrs Olivia Blakeney
Mrs Karen Appleby  - Friday
Pre-Primary 1 - Onsite
Miss Olivia Hood
Miss Amy de Jong  - Friday
Pre-Primary 2 - Onsite
Mrs Sue Smith - Term 1
Mrs Leah Jones - Friday
Year 1 Room 1
Mrs Angharad Daley
Mrs Erin Harrington - Wednesday
Year 1 Room 2
Mrs Nicola Holt - Monday to Wednesday
Mrs Erin Harrington - Thursday and Friday
Year 1 Room 3
Ms Suzie Bamblett
Year 2 Room 4
Ms Marnie Clamback
Year 2 Room 5
Mr Jay Gan
Year 2 Room 6
Ms Natalia Anderson
Ms Margaret Parker - Friday
Year 3 Room 7
Mrs Jenni Whiting - Monday Tuesday and alternate Wednesday
Mrs Belinda Lindsay - Alternate Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Year 3 Room 12
Mrs Susan Fullgrabe
Year 3 Room 13
Mrs Sue Prosser
Year 4 Room 8
Mrs Regina Low - Monday, Tuesday and Friday
Mrs Anne Christie  - Wednesday and Thursday
Year 4 room 10
Mrs Suzie Hull - Monday, Thursday and Friday
Mr Craig Smart - Tuesday and Wednesday
Year 4 Room 11
Mrs Roxana Leber - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Ms Tima da Luz  - Wednesday
Year 5 Room 10
Mrs Suzie Hull
Year 5 Room 14
Mrs Alison Paterson, Monday to Wednesday and Friday
Ms Tima daLuz - Thursday
Year 5 Room 15
Mrs Renu Sahai
Year 6 Room 16
Mrs Daryl Morris-Hall
Ms Tima daLuz -  Friday afternoon
Year 6 Room 17
Mr Glyde Ferguson
Ms Julie Chester - Monday to Thursday
Mrs Alison Conroy - Monday  to Friday
Mrs Svetlana Chamberlain
Instrumental Music Program
Mr Geoff Jones -  Wednesday and Thursday
Physical Education
Ms Carolyn Vuletic
EAL/D Program
Mrs Margaret Parker - Monday
Mrs Anne Christie - Friday

Educational Assistants and Support Services Staff
Education Assistant Kindergarten
Red and Blue
Mrs Kerry Coyle - Monday, Wednesday and alternate Friday
Mrs Sue Espie - Tuesday, Thursday and alternate Friday
Education Assistant Kindergarten /
Ms Lisa Christensen
Education Assistant Pre-Primary - PP 1
Ms Maryse d'Argent
Education Assistant Pre-Primary - PP 2
Mrs Sue Williams - Monday, Thursay and Friday
Ms Hana Steeer - Tuesday to Friday
Special Needs Assistants
Mrs Jacky Kocken -  Monday to Wednesday
Mrs Endah Thomas
Mrs Maita Robson - 
Mr Andrew Hall - 
Mrs Ainslee Ferraris
Mrs Bronwyn Wilton Mar
Ms Anusha Yatawara
Main Stream Education Assistant
Mrs Lyn Pearson
School Psychologist
Ms Suzanne Gibbney - Monday

Support Staff
Mr Barry Cartwright
Mr Laode Haisu - Head Cleaner
Mr Bulis Tutu - known as Tutu
Mrs Lilli Torelli