Nedlands Primary School

Leadership and Administration Team
Mr Russell Bembridge
Deputy Principals
Mrs Sandra Cottam
Mrs Julie Simpfendorfer
Manager, Corporate Services
Ms Fay Moreton
School Officers
Mrs Yvonne Ioannou
Mrs Ruth Dennis - Tuesday to Thursday
Ms Jacky Kocken - Friday
Library Officer
Mrs Catherine Mendez

Teaching Staff
Kindergarten Red Group
Nedlands Park Early Learning Centre
Mrs Christine Onley
Mrs Sue Smith - Friday
Kindergarten Blue Group
Nedlands Park Early Learning Centre

Mrs Sue Smith
Kindergarten/Pre-Primary Red and Blue
Nedlands Park Early Learning Centre
Mrs Olivia Blakeney
Mrs Leila Earl - Friday
Pre-Primary 1 - Onsite
Ms Caroline Bentley
Mrs Leah Jones - Friday
Pre-Primary 2 - Onsite
Mrs Veni Zeid
(first 5 weeks of term 4 Mrs Megan McClorey and Mrs Leila Earl)
Mrs Megan McClorey - Friday
Year 1 Room 1
Mrs Angharad Daley
Mrs Leah Jones - Wednesday
Year 1 Room 2
Mrs Nicola Holt - Monday to Wednesday
Mrs Erin Harrington - Thursday and Friday
Year 1 Room 3
Mr Jay Gan
Year 2 Room 4
Ms Carolyn Vuletic
Year 2 Room 5
Ms Suezi Bamblett - Tuesday to Friday
Ms Sandy Luc - Monday
Year 2 Room 6
Ms Natalia Anderson
Year 3 Room 8
Mrs Jenni Whiting - Monday and Tuesday
Mrs Ali Paterson - Wednesday to Friday
Year 3 Room 14
Mrs Regina Low  - Monday and Tuesday
Ms Janine Pell -  Wednesday to Friday
Year 3 Room 15
Mrs Sue Prosser
Year 4 Room 7
Ms Marnie Clamback
Year 4 room 10
Mrs Suzie Hull
Year 4 Room 11
Mrs Renu Sahai
Year 5 Room 12
Mrs Susan Fullgrabe
Year 5 Room 13
Ms Tima da Luz Monday to Thursday
Ms Lisa Davies - Friday
Year 6 Room 16
Mrs Daryl Morris-Hall - Tuesday to Friday
Mr Josh de Souza - Monday
Year 6 Room 17
Mr Glyde Ferguson - Monday to Friday
Ms Jenny Nguyen - Monday to Wednesday
Ms Julie Chester
Mrs Alison Conroy
Mrs Svetlana Chamberlain
Mrs Margeret Parker -  (on Leave terms 3 and 4 2017)
Ms Sandy Luc - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Instrumental Music Program
Mr Geoff Jones -  Tuesday am, Wednesday am and Thursday
Literacy Support
Mrs Belinda Lindsay - Monday and Wednesday
Teaching and Learning Support
Mrs Chantelle Cook
Physical Education
Mr Josh deSouza - Tuesday to Friday
Ms Lisa Davies - Monday to Wednesday

Educational Assistants and Support Services Staff
Education Assistant Kindergarten
Red and Blue
Mrs Kerry Coyle - Monday, Wednesday and alternate Friday
Mrs Sue Espie - Tuesday, Thursday and alternate Friday
Ms Bronwyn Wilton-Mar - Tuesday and Thursday and alternate Friday
Education Assistant Kindergarten /
Ms Lisa Christensen
Education Assistant Pre-Primary - PP 1
Ms Maryse d'Argent
Education Assistant Pre-Primary - PP 2
Mrs Sue Williams - Monday, Thursay and Friday
Mrs Helen Varian - Tuesday and Wednesday
                             - additional support Monday am and Thursday am
Special Needs Assistants
Mrs Jacky Kocken - Monday to Thursday
Mrs Endah Thomas
Mrs Maita Robson - Monday to Wednesday
Mr Andrew Hall
Mrs Helen Varian
Mrs Bronwyn Wilton-Mar - Monday pm and Wednesday pm
School Psychologist
Ms Suzanne Gibbney - Monday

Support Staff
Mr Barry Cartwright
Mr Laode Haisu - Head Cleaner
Mr Bulis Tutu - known as Tutu
Mrs Lilli Torelli