Special Programs


Nedlands offers students an instrumental music program. The program is a scholarship based program leading to the opportunity to    become members of the school orchestra. Part-time visiting specialists teach selected children from Years 3 to 6 the violin, viola, flute, guitar, cello and double bass, as well as a selection of brass instruments.

A junior and senior choir also operates for all students in Years 4 to 6.

Nedlands also offers its students a comprehensive music program. The objective of a whole school approach to music is to provide children with a solid foundation of music skills which train them to listen, sing, play, explore sound and, ultimately, read and write music. Students are also offered the opportunity to become members of the school choir, band and orchestra.


Students take part for approximately 60 minutes each week in Years 1 6. They are given opportunities to develop skills, techniques and processes to express themselves with assorted media. In addition, students are given time to reflect on, respond to and understand, various art styles and works.


The School has a computer network throughout the school, providing each classroom with direct internet access via multiple computers per room , wireless network,  computer lab and Ipads. All classes have Interactive White Boards.

The aim is for students to use technolgy in a range of learning areas.

French is taught to all Year 3 6 students, by our specialist language teacher. Parents are asked to pay a small yearly levy to cover the cost of French worksheets. Language is a compulsory subject in all Government Schools for children years 3 10.


Students identified as exceptionally gifted and talented are offered short courses through the district PEAC program. This program is for students in years 5 - 6 and is based on testing conducted by the school for the Regional Education Office.


The school provides a comprehensive identification procedure to identify children at risk of not reaching their educational potential. Children identified are provided an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to address their specific needs. Parents and often the School Psychologist are involved in devising the IEP with the teacher.


The school will utilise the services of specialist physical education teachers to supplement the program offered by class teachers. This is a part of the School Development Plan. Further children are exposed to visiting sports specialist (e.g. rugby, tennis etc) who conduct sports clinics for the children.


This program is offered to students in years 1- 4 and co-ordinated through the Hollywood Christian Resource Board. Religion in Life is non-denominational and attempts to give children an appreciation of the work of the major religions of the world on a comparative basis. The program is not compulsory and children who do not attend lessons are given alternative activities. Children participating in the program are supplied with consumable printed materials. An annual charge is levied to cover the costs of these materials. Accredited visiting ministers and teachers of religion from the majority of churches operating in the school community teach the programme which occupies one half hour per week of student time.

The Bahai Faith offer an alternative religious education program at the same time. Details can be sought by contacting the co-ordinator. Please ask at the front office for contacts.


This Ethics Course is run across the Years 5 and 6 classes  take the form of one half hour lesson per week.

It is expected that these lessons will also work to strengthen Thinking skills and Literacy and Language practices across the grades in line with focus areas of the Nedlands Primary School Business Plan.

The Ethics program, offered to students in Years 5 and 6, will aim to:

    * identify and investigate ethical concepts and values
    * develop an understanding of how reasoning can assist ethical judgement
    * develop an awareness of the influence that their values and behaviour have on others
    * promote inquiry, co-operative learning and higher order thinking skills

Nedlands Primary School