Student Performance Data

Classroom teachers collect data across all learning areas to monitor student’s progress and understanding throughout the year. This informs the planning and teaching for each individual class.

Whole School Student Performance Data is collected from a range of sources across the year levels. The data is utilised to inform whole school planning and decisions.

The table below summarises the assessment tools used and the relevant year levels.

Assessments Year Levels

·         Kindergarten Assessment Tool
·         Early Literacy & Pre-Literacy Screens
·         On-Entry Assessment
·         Brightpath Writing Assessments
·         NAPLAN
·         PAT Testing
·         PEAC
·         EAL/D Progress Maps (for children who speak English as an Additional Language/Dialect)  
·         Kindergarten
·         Kindergarten & Pre-primary
·         Pre-primary
·         Pre-primary – Year 6
·         Years 3 & 5
·         Pre-primary – Year 6
·         Year 4
·         Kindergarten – Year 6      


As per Department of Education guidelines, students will receive a school report twice per year at the end of each semester. These are completed on the Department of Education reporting documents. At Nedlands PS, school reports are sent to parents electronically via email.

The school report provides parents with information regarding their child’s achievement, progress and application throughout the semester.