Uniform Shop

In order for students to access the required uniform supplies, Nedlands Primary School (NPS) operates an onsite uniform shop at the Altius Centre. This important service is generously run and maintained by parent volunteers who are supported by the NPS P&C.

For further information regarding the NPS Uniform, please see the information summarised on this page.


Please note that the first opening of the Uniform Shop in 2020 will be Monday 3 February at 8.45am. The Uniform Shop will open again at Tuesday 4 February 2020 and every Tuesday throughout Term 1.


The NPS Uniform Shop is currently seeking volunteers to join the small and friendly team. If you have free time on Tuesday mornings (08.45 – 09.30), please contact the P&C by clicking on this link.



The Nedlands Primary School community through the School Board, believes the wearing of a school uniform discourages competitive dressing amongst students and promotes a sense of identity. The School Board has determined that a school uniform should be worn.


To provide parents and students with a dress code that is: safe and appropriate for school activities, reasonable by contemporary standards, provides some choice, is affordable to parents, and considers the risks of ultraviolet radiation. To encourage the wearing of the school uniform by providing sanctions for students not complying with the dress code. To provide appropriate processes for exemption or modification related to student health, cultural considerations, religion or any other matter, which in the Principal’s opinion, is sufficient to exempt a student from the dress code requirements.


Items designated on the current “School Uniform Order Form” constitute the dress code. In summary this is:-


Navy shorts / skort, school light blue polo knit shirt (with pelican motif), sandals or shoes / joggers, navy socks, sun hat with logo (no hat no sun).

NB: A “No Hat, No Play in the sun” policy operates all year.


Navy shorts / skort, navy track pants, girls bootleg pants, school polo knit shirt, windcheater or zipped jacket, shoes and navy socks / navy tights.

Sports Uniform – Carnivals only

Navy sports shorts / skort, school polo knit shirt (interschool events) or house colour T-shirt, school hat and sport shoes.


Year 4 – Junior Choir (ALL students in Year 4 are expected to participate)

School uniform relevant to season and black shoes. School hat for outdoor performances.

Years 5 and 6 – Senior Choir – Uniforms are hired

Black socks and black shoes. School hat for outdoor performances. Following items are hired by students through the school (Navy long pants, long navy skirt, long sleeved white shirt, and pale blue cummerbund). Navy blue hair ribbons.


Families who may experience financial difficulties regarding the purchase of a uniform should contact the Principal to seek a solution.


Parents of students who for cultural, religious or health reasons, may wish to modify the school dress code, are required to make an appointment with the Principal or a Deputy Principal. Staff will be informed of any student granted a modification to the dress code.


Students not complying with the dress code will be counselled and resolution of their concerns sought. Non-compliance with the dress code, where exemptions have not been sought, will result in a student being prevented from attending any activity in respect of which the student is representing the school, in school or out of school hours, and may include representative teams of participants or spectators in areas of sport, drama, music, excursions and school social functions.


The grounds for exemption or modification relate to student health, cultural considerations, religion or any other matter which, in the Principal’s opinion, is sufficient to exempt a student from dress code requirements. The exemption must be negotiated with the Principal at the time of enrolment. Provision for temporary exemptions will be made to accommodate new students and the non-availability of components of dress code items, or where there is significant change to student circumstances. A copy of any exemption record will be provided to the students, parents and teachers and placed on the student’s file.


Parents and students will be informed of the Nedlands Primary School dress code at the time of enrolment. Acceptance of enrolment at this school assumes an agreement between the school, the parent/guardian and the enrolling student, that the student will dress within the guidelines of the school dress code. Any grounds for exemption should be raised and agreement reached at this time. If the dress code is unacceptable, parents have the right to apply for admission to a school where the dress code reflects their preference. Parents of students already enrolled at Nedlands Primary School are assumed to agree with this dress code. Parents finding this dress code unacceptable have the same rights as newly enrolling parents.

Review of the Dress Code As consultation with the school community has occurred via newsletters, the P & C meetings and the School Board, it is intended that this policy will have a life of five years before review.


Uniforms can be purchased/ordered in a number of ways:


The uniform shop in the Altius Centre will be open one day each week from 8:45 am for approximately 30-45 minutes. Second hand items are also available to purchase here.

  • Term 4 2019 – Tuesday – Open from 8.45am
  • Term 1 2020 – Tuesday – Open from 8.45am


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