Nedlands Primary School has three Kindergarten Groups, with attendance days and times as follows:

  • Tamar Kindy Group– Monday, Tuesday, and alternate Wednesday (even weeks)
  • Kwenda Kindy Group – Monday, Tuesday, and alternate Wednesday (odd weeks)
  • Koolmool Kindy Group – alternate Wednesday (even weeks), Thursday, and Friday

8.45am – 3.00pm

Doors open at 8.30am for settling in and family time.

Our Kindergarten is located offsite, at the Nedlands Park Early Learning Centre – 2 Gilmore Lane.

We currently have capacity in our Kindergarten Groups for 2020 and can accept enrolments from children who live within our boundaries. Please contact our school administration for more information.

Kindergarten provides an age appropriate developmental program which will attend to the individual emotional, intellectual and physical needs of the children. Each child is recognised as a unique individual.

The Kindergarten learning program is based on play activities through a planned learning environment, determined by the needs of the children. Children have the opportunity to learn through discovery in as many ways as possible. We have a strong literacy program, with an emphasis on oral language and phonological awareness with students developing their oral language skills through a wide range of learning experiences. We use the Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines, Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards to determine our teaching and learning programs and indoor and outdoor environments.

All children have a right to grow and develop with a positive self-image. Children are encouraged to settle any differences verbally, and are guided into positive social interaction with peers and adults, whilst respecting everyone’s feelings and rights.

Children are entitled to good physical care and intellectual stimulation, in a safe, clean, happy environment with careful supervision. Each child will progress at their own pace.

Nedlands PS Kindergarten classes have 3 highly committed, experienced and skilled teachers, supported by outstanding Education Assistants.

Useful links:

Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines

Early Years Learning Framework

National Quality Standard

Fine Motor Skills

At Nedlands Primary School, we spend a significant amount of time in Kindergarten and Pre-Primary laying the foundations for success in literacy. One area of vital importance is the development of fine motor skills, which are crucial for success when handwriting. These skills develop both at home and at school. For information about how parents can optimise their child’s development of fine motor skills, click on the links below

This program, which is in place at NPS has a range of parent resources which support the development of fine and gross motor skills.

Why Are Fine Motor Skills Important?

Pencil Grip


Drawing Skills Age 1-6

Cutting Skills