Tournament of Minds (TOMs)

State Final Sunday 10th September 2017

Nedlands Primary School

Tournament of Minds… a competition for creative thinking – Well done to all teams!

Nedlands Primary School entered five teams in Tournament of the Minds this year. Each team consisted of a mix of seven students from Years 5 and 6. Teams worked on their long term challenge for six weeks.

On Saturday 26th August, all five teams performed at Edith Cowan University (ECU). One team performed in the area of Language/Literature, two in Social Sciences, one in the area of Maths/Engineering and one in Science Technology. The solution for each challenge had to be presented in the form of a 10 minute play. TOM encourages students to develop and use creative and problem solving skills as well as cooperation and collaboration. During the last six weeks, teams met every weekend for at least two hours and used two lunch times a week for meetings and spontaneous problem solving practice. All teams worked together, to present informative and very entertaining performances – Well Done! Congratulations to Nedlands 2, a Social Science Team, who achieved a place in the State Finals on Sunday 10th September at Edith Cowan University, Joondalup. We wish them all the best.

A special thank you to all the parent facilitators – Miriam Stanborough, Sarah Smith, Kate Steward, Anna Dartnell, Natalie Oddy, Jamie Ho, Rosalind George, Tania Hudson and Damon Ezekiel, Anna Davila, Vanitha Budhavaram, Sophie Bai, Angus and Melina Argyle, Jody Batt and Paul Belcher who welcomed teams into their homes to work on the challenges during the past six weeks. Thank you to all parents for supporting students during this time and also the teachers, Mrs Sahai, Mrs Fullgrabe and Miss Clamback.

Daryl Morris-Hall TOM Co-ordinator